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Satellite Phone

South Africa 4×4 offer an optional satellite phone for all our rentals. We charge no additional fee for the satellite phone unit, however prepaid airtime need to be purchased before departure.

We know the importance of the Sat Phones and what it means when you have an emergency. Therefore we advice the satellite phone for rentals to Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania and Kenya.

  • When requesting a quote you will have the option to take a sat phone with you or not. The sat phone unit remains free of charge.
  • On deciding you want one we will automatically load 50 units on your sat phone before your rental starts. The R1 400 ( 50 minutes of airtime / 50 text messages ), will be added to your quote.

Please note that airtime not used will not be refunded.

Cost of Calls and SMSes
Calls are charged at US$ 1.78 per minute
SMSes are charged at US$ 0.89 per SMS

Make and Model
We use the Isatphone Pro which has you covered anywhere on the planet. The phone is light, easy to use and offers clear voice quality. This phone will operate under any conditions. -20 degrees to +50 degrees, any level of humidity. This is your ideal partner in an emergency. For full specifications please visit :